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Last year from January till July 2017, I had quite a bad year with my daughter Crizel.l At the time she was 15 years old. On the 23 July 2017 Crizell went through CT scans and was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer. She had her Ovary removed by surgery on the 24 July 2017.

We were informed on the 26 July 2017 that she needs to go for Chemo. I tried to be strong for her ,but the word Chemo… it was so hard to accept.

I was then introduced to Casey Dalgleish which helped me with Crizell. I told her I was quite afraid of Chemo and she said to me “don’t be afraid, trust me and I will help you through everything if your daughter has to go through Chemo’. Cannabis oil will help with the nausea and get her through Chemo as well as alleviate some symptoms left by it. 

Well, a BIG miracle happened and YES, I believe in miracles. Crizell’s tumor count started at 30000.00. Casey put her on a high dose of Cannabis oil and as of September 2017 was clear of Cancer. Her tumor count came down quite a lot and currently on 500. Near to almost Cancer free.

Casey was send to me for a reason. She was an absolute Angel. She knew her treatment very well and I am proud to say that Crizell is a cancer survivor. Her count is sitting on 2 and THAT is the best news a parent could ever hear. Especially when the doctor told me that Crizell was clear of Cancer! What a relief.

Thank you to Casey and the QuantuMed Health team for being there for us and helping us along the way with the treatment. I have since put the whole family on treatment (as prevention) and I believe everyone should be taking her route of treatment as it helps with Cancer, stress, weight loss. I believe this is the way forward in life and a lot of people should realize that it should be part of your lives

EURIKA VAN ZYL / 04-06-2018

Ek voel fantasties. Ek gebruik QuantuMed Health se Turmeric en Ashwaganda aanvulling en dit maak verseker ‘n groot verskil in my daaglikse gesondheid.




MONICA LE HANIE / 06-06-2018

I would like to give a short testimonial regarding the products I brought from Casey at Quantum Med.

Firstly, CBD Cream with MSM – my Mom suffered from Cellulitis of both legs due to bad circulation. Her legs was painful and seollen with blisters. I applied the cream twice a day. Within a week she had no blisters, pain was gone and swelling started to subside.
Secondly I also gave her CBD Oil drops to aid with her General Health and pain due to Arthritis, and as a result she has cut down on anti-inflammatory medication that has a lot of side-effects. Thank you Casey for your assistance and getting the products to me in good time.

KAREN HARRIS / 05-06-2018

10 years ago I was diagnosed with Superior Oblique Myacomia. In short SOM. This is when the nerves collapses onto the Artery in the brain causing the nerve to pulse on the nerves to the eye. I was given versions of Epilepsy medication to control the nerve. These drugs caused major side affects and made me very ill. When the meds were no longer an option, my Neurosurgeon decided to operate. I had major brain surgery which in the end did not stop the problem. I was then sent to have Botox in the nerve of the eye which was a short term Solution. After years of struggling and being put on even more epilepsy medication that failed again I turned to Casey for urgent help. 

Casey did an assessment and investigated, and did loads of research and found natural meds to help. After a year of taking all her supplemenst and keeping up with all her advise and guidance, I have been able to live a far better life

Casey saved me from making a terrible surgical decision that would have left me with a fixed eyeball and blindness. 

She is my life saver!

MELISA BLEEKER / 23-06-2018

I fell very ill 4 years ago. My whole being… all areas of my personal Health were under fire.

Taking a personal stand and immediate health intervention, I booked myself into Solridge Wellness Center (thanks Bernard for the introduction!). The journey for me, started here. Since then, I have managed to remove ALL toxic pharmaceuticals from my life.

I met Casey at Solridge, where I learnt the most valuable lesson – the body CAN HEAL ITSELF! QuantuMed Health have since managed to help me and many of my friends through the initial Quantum Magnetic Resonance Analyser, from there on; a lot of time was spent researching the best herbs for whatever my current condition was experiencing and how to correct it.

Without hesitation I recommend QuantuMed Health as the first go to place for anyone. There is nothing that can happen to our bodies, that herbal remedies cannot fix. QuantuMed Health spends a lot of time and energy into this business and the results from the client’s successes, shows their hard work is paying off!

Thank you Casey and Will. I love all the products that I take – from Ashwagandha, MSM, Colloidal Silver to Wormwood and Immuno Boosters, the list goes on.

My health has never been better!